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COVID-19: Minimise the Impact on Your Workplace

Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, has undoubtedly affected workplaces across New Zealand and the rest of the world. Workplaces should be taking appropriate measures to minimise the impact the pandemic may cause.

Doc2Data is a cloud-based service proudly supporting business throughout New Zealand. 

It's all about working wiser.   Please take care and be safe!


Improve cash visibility and forecasting

User friendly 

Easy to set-up

Unlimited number of users

Cloud based access

No set-up costs

No contracts​​

Make a big impact on the bottom line of your accounts payable department. You'll be able to automatically capture the data you need from invoices vendors send.



$ .22
per page

Basic Extraction: Supplier, Date, Invoice No., Due Date, Sub Total Amount, GST Amount, Total Amount 

Fully searchable archive.

Superuser rights and unlimited users

per page
$ .45

Full Per-line Extraction: Everything is extracted, ready for Xero or WFM

WorkflowMax and Xero seamless integration.

Fully searchable archive.

Superuser rights and unlimited users

Your company's procedures for processing incoming invoices can be drastically improved when you use Doc2Data. Costs will decrease, invoice information will be processed quicker. The system will automatically capture and deliver your invoice data accurately to all pertinent locations. Your document management systems, financial systems, enterprise resource planning and content management will all be kept updated effortlessly.


Other Document
per 200 items


We do more than just financials! We can set up different document types.

Vehicle dockets, timesheets, health and safety documents. Anything type of document you choose.

You can set each user to view only what they need to have access to.




Since 2009, Doc2Data has been offering clients the tools, resources and guidance necessary for all their AP processing needs. Clients receive the personalised attention and care they need in order to make sure everything is done on time. It's all about working with the clients and their needs. Working together so that no time is wasted in unnecessary processes.

We have refined our system over the years, dealing with both large and small business throughout New Zealand.

We are proud to say we are New Zealand owned and operated. Our technology is continuously being

developed, giving the end user a friendlier experience.  

Making Sure You'll Never Feel Bored at Work