Frequently asked questions

How do I link Doc2Data to Xero?

Once you have logged into your Doc2Data account select the Xero Connect button. This will take you to your Xero login panel. Sign in and select organisation you want your Doc2Data system to be connected to and allow access.

Now your Xero organisation is linked to Doc2Data you need to Xero Sync your Contact, GL Codes and Tracking Codes.

In Doc2Data select Contacts > select Xero Sync. This will pull all your Contacts, GL Codes and Tracking Codes into your Doc2Data account.

What does the Organisations tab do?

You can set your GL Codes to a default code. This is used when most GL Codes will be the same. From there you can go to your Contacts and edit the contacts that have different GL Codes.

You can select a default for document "Kind" and “Status" We you login to Doc2Data the defaults will be how the screen displays you the data.

How do I set up a New User?

Go Create > Create User

  1. Enter users Name
  2. Users email address
  3. Password - if lost this can be reset
  4. Role:
  • Manager > can edit and approve all documents and manage accounts, contacts, categories and users for their organisation
  • Approval > can edit and approve all documents
  • Assignee > can edit and approve documents assigned to them
  • Admin > can manage all users and organisations
Accounts: Select GL Codes at user level. When the user logins in to Doc2Data they only have access to the GL Codes applied to that user

Can I Approve all pending invoices at once?

Yes. Select documents in the left panel. Select status "Pending", kind " Invoices". Select the box or boxes to the left of each invoice listed. Hold down the shift key to select more than on box. Once boxes have been selected, select "Authoristed" at the top and it will be done. The same process for uploading Authorised invoice into Xero. Select boxes and select "Xero Approve". All selected invoices will now be in Xero and the status in Doc2Data will show as " Linked.

Do both invoices and credit notes need go through the same forwarding email address?

Yes, Doc2Data will strip out the attachments and process accordingly its document type. You can forward both document types in the one email.

If one Doc2Data account can only be linked with one Xero account and once linked you can never dis-link and change to another account?

You can link by each separate Xero account or by organisations under the one Xero account. Once you have linked a Doc2Data account to a Xero account or organisation it cannot be re-linked to another Doc2Data account. We do this for security reasons.

Can I refine my search when drilliing down?

Refine your search by using quotations "search"

I have suppliers who’re not GST registered how do I get around this?

If a supplier is not GST registered you can select the GST inclusive slider and when applying GL codes use none GST inclusive code.

We have three seperate companies on Xero. How can we seperate the invoices to the correct Xero account?

We would set you up with three separate Doc2Data accounts one for each company. You would receive a separate unique forwarding email address for each account.

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